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Hey my little fans! A big post today! I guess my rant yesterday worked because I drained a LOT of wallets yesterday! I’m going to the beach again this weekend, after work, so thanks, bitches! LOL I love playing paypiggy PTV! Once I figure out how to take a picture of my screen, maybe I’ll post it, just to further humiliate you ATMs I force money from. 😀 Go check out myflirtstore-I’ve got a lot more coming there today!

Two more additions to the loser list:

WTF guys? Can’t work the phone? Too stupid to not cut yourself off midsentence?

Now, you know you’ve been waiting for it! Nanny blackmail #3-forced intox. 13 minutes of the nanny forcing you to drink and hand over your money (with a special bit at the end for you poppers fans). Soon there will be more nanny adventures, including some sort of wallet rape hypnosis, and forced bi/streetwalking. I hear you sniffling already.

-the download of nanny #3
-the recorded listing line for nanny #3


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I declare today to be  ‘Suck it Monday’.  Almost every call today was for forced or not-so-forced bi. Wow, guys, you can’t get enough of the cock, huh? That combined with a couple pathetic little paypiggies who barely spoke but forked over all their Niteflirt cash made for an enjoyable Monday. You know who you are. 🙂 I’ll be having a great weekend.

But before I forget-The loser list! I don’t know if you guys are poor, stupid or simply looking for a quick wank with in a minute, but hanging up on me earns you a place on this list! Oh and a block!


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I’ve been signed on quite a bit the last two nights and it has benn SO FUN mocking and laughing and generally emptying the wallets of all you lovely pathetic men! 🙂 Some of you are quite entertaining. Many though, are sad, sad examples who either last about 1 minute before I hear your teeny gasp of pleasure or even worse, are the type to add 2 minutes to their account so half the call is that little automated Niteflirt voice. BIG FUCKING LOSERS! Starting tomorrow, you’re going on the list for this sort of shit. You have been warned, two pump chumps!

Mostly though, it has been great fun. Now go click on those links and look at my other listings and buy-ables. You know you’re curious.

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