Hello everyone! I’ve been spending a few days with my NF girls coming up with new tasty treats for you little paypigs and fans. There’s new videos in the PTV denial game and a new nanny recording. Still updating the blog links-do you think I spend all day strapped to the computer?

Speaing of PTVs you guys know they are there to amuse yourself when I’m not on, right? They’re automated clicky games to feed your need for ME! I know how much men love anything that involves clicking and spending money as well as nakey pictures! So go try them out!

-straight wallet rape!

-teasing and denial with NEW videos inside

-cute trivia game-test your knowledge of me!


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New stuff new stuff! I had a great relaxing weekend spending all YOUR cash. Mmm looking forward to some more forced intox-my new favorite thing. There’s a new nanny intox recording coming soon, I love it so much! Now get to my pay buttons and shiny box and hand over your hard earned cash. My sexy little toes are wanting a full spa manicure today.

New feet pics

Wet and Messy w/ milk!

Video #3 -Another wet and messy with watermelon. Yummy!

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Working tonight. Yay getting men drunk. You know how I love that, yes? I get to spend the night making people drink, flirting with cute guys making lots of money. All the things I like. Maybe I will turn on the ignore line and let you guys listen to music. If you’re lucky. There’s a band at my bar tonight. They’re all staying at my house. 😀 I know, band guys are poor and losers, but they’re cute and will entertain me and my sister for the night. And then we’ll throw them out!

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So how are you all liking the new stuff? I love it. LOooove! Especially the pics of me all oiled and hot. Seeexy. Is it wrong to have a naked pic of yourself as cell phone background? I’m on right now, catch me before the weekend fun starts, bitches! I also have a cute little box of goodies on my listings now, go check it out.

I had so much fun last night. One particular drunkymonkey kept me entertained!

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Hmm, for some reason I can’t get my flirt store link in here.

There we go. All my content. There. Go. Buy. Now.

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Oooh starting to get my pics in from the photographer! Here’s the new THREE sets, in advance for blog viewers!
Stills from my new video-$5

Pics of me getting dirty with my cell phone!-$5

This is my favorite set ever! I’m all shiny and oiled up, all glowy and golden looking. It’s just hot.-$5 (there are two more sets of this to come!)

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A quick post to say-I have a new video! Here it is! 7 minutes starting with me, on a balcony, licking a huge lolipop and flashing you. Then I lure you inside to my bedroom and get naked and hot right there on my bed. Get it now!

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I love Niteflirt! Now that I started posting the loser list, I hardly EVER get hangups. I guess you learned your lessons, losers! Don’t fuck around!

I also get the chance to torture stupid little assholes who think blackmail is a fun game. You’re so fucking wrong! A certain ‘dumdum’ called me last night, wanting to confess his sins (a total pervert) and claimed to be naked in a hotel room. I drained his NF account and made him give me the phone number of the ‘sin-ee’. Then I made him shut himself out of the hotel room, naked. Hahaha So much fun! I even called my girl Niki and let her listen to his crying and bs so she could laugh at it. Dipshit, you know I called D, right? When she calls back, I’m telling her everything!

Niteflirt is so fantastic. You know you have some blackmail worthy secret, but beware, I’m greedy!

ALSO! I’m working on new stuff for you all to perv on right now! Message me on Niteflirt to be on my announcements list.

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Had a couple lovely days off this weekend to go to the beach. So nice to lay around and tease all the boys nearby. I made one put sunscreen on my back, and another get my legs and feet! And then I sent them away when a third brought me and my girls drinks. A relaxing day. Then we went out to the club of course! Lots of cute but dumb boys, as usual. We made two of them our bitches for the night-the cutest, dumbest ones, of course. Free drinks, non-stop compliments.

All that money you guys sent this week was well spent on new shoes for Saturday night and some new makeup, too. A girl can never have enough shoes! Keep clicking because I want a vacation soon, before school starts again! My life is so awesome and you’re all paying for it.

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NF is working again! Hurrah! Do not fear, my little pets, I am here. Tonight will be a special ignore line while I go out and party! You know you want to call and hear what I do at night. 🙂

AND you, you know who you are, keeping sending those tributes today. Or else you’re cut off!

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