Hello again, blog readers! Still here, still waiting for NF! I’ve been looking at other phone sex companies and none are as good as NF. So sad. Soon I’ll be driven to telling total stangers about how I’ll cuckold them. 🙂 Hope to hear from you all soon!


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I know, I do not post. Life has been very busy with school and now Niteflirt shutting down. I AM still on beta.niteflirt.com/sexyemma. Also Twitter as sexyemmagirl. Now that I have Twitter and the newletter list I will probably delete this before long! So much easier to tweet! I will soon be on another site, but I will let you all know when it is done.

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Wow I haven’t posted in a century. Can you tell I’ve been busy? School has got me running around all week! However I’m on sometimes, so catch me when you can guys! I hope to keep up with you all through the newsletter more than this blog. It’s a lot easier to update right through Niteflirt. Make sure you keep in touch!

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First week of class over! Taking 4 classes. Fascinating, yes? Well, I can tell my Ancient Civilizations professor is GOING to give me an A already. The way he kept staring me down all class, checking out my low cut shirt and short skirt. I’m going to milk this for all I’ve got. You guys know how it will be right? You’re all a sucker for a hot girl, especially one who knows how to control you. I’ll have him wrapped around my finger soon enough!

Taking a drawing class too-for once in front of the paper instead of the class. I will still be posing for figure drawing classes though. I love it! Teasing all the boys with my naked body, watching them turn red when I disrobe. 🙂

Now in honor of the new school year, I had a set of school girl pics taken!

Annnnd that new video I promised-the one with the dildo! Can you handle all that tease? Do you want to see me fucking myself on my bed? You do! It’s the closest you’re ever going to get so, buy it! If you’re lucky I’ll make you watch it on one of our calls while I deny you your orgasm. 😉

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Show of hands, who checked the ‘my friends’ page of my website? You’re all SO behind! Last night I got my bff Shana SO drunk and convinced her finally to do Niteflirt with me! AND to finally hand over the sexy pics her ex-boyfriend took of her-to me! Yes, I AM a pimp. 🙂 As you may not know-it takes a few days to get your Niteflirt listing approved (I checked, she sent it in this morning) soo….A special suprise for my blog readers. Sneak peeks at Shana! Clicky clicky and you get to see the first bunch of pics of Shana ever! She’ll be hitting the phones soon (maybe with me?), so get ready!

AND-even more of my stuff is being finished up right now. Okay I’ll tell you guys all about my first week at school tomorrow.

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Ooh, school starts tomorrow guys! I had one last blow out this weekend in the city. My friends and I got up to a ton of trouble, too. 🙂 There’s nothing better than going to the club, getting everything comped or paid for and then ditching those guys. We ended up dancing on the bar and getting really dirty in front of everyone. It was so awesome-I love making out with my bff in front of stupid droolers. She’s a great kisser. Don’t you wish you were there? Well, you weren’t, but you paid for it!

Have you all been visiting my website? I know you have-you can’t even resist it, even now. When you look to the right, you’ll see I added some more links of my MOST POPULAR videos and stuff. Also, I picked out some awesome porn for you guys.Cuckold porn-it exists! I know you want to see chicks fuck other guys in front of their husbands. Maybe you and I can watch some together, on the phone? Everytime you sign up, even MORE of your cash goes to me! Support your princess!

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As promised, my NEW website is up! www.sexyemmaonline.com! It’s very new, and so I’ll be adding content constantly (including eventually putting this blog IN it). There’s a free sample video on one page and LOTS of content already. Make sure you check out the link banners, too-it’s all stuff I’ve picked out just for you guys. And some of my friends, too! Clicking and buying supports my online venture and I know you can’t resist me in any form! It’s time for you guys to prove your love and send me a little tribute to earn yourself a notice on my special page just for slaves and paypigs!

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Long time no post! But I’m back! Have a new computer, and working on a new website. It’s not up yet, but you guys will be the first to know about it! I can’t fit everything I have on the NF page anymore so it will be a HUGE place for all my stuff! Also coming soon is another PTV game. I know you’re all excited. More updates later.

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Hey my little fans! A big post today! I guess my rant yesterday worked because I drained a LOT of wallets yesterday! I’m going to the beach again this weekend, after work, so thanks, bitches! LOL I love playing paypiggy PTV! Once I figure out how to take a picture of my screen, maybe I’ll post it, just to further humiliate you ATMs I force money from. 😀 Go check out myflirtstore-I’ve got a lot more coming there today!

Two more additions to the loser list:

WTF guys? Can’t work the phone? Too stupid to not cut yourself off midsentence?

Now, you know you’ve been waiting for it! Nanny blackmail #3-forced intox. 13 minutes of the nanny forcing you to drink and hand over your money (with a special bit at the end for you poppers fans). Soon there will be more nanny adventures, including some sort of wallet rape hypnosis, and forced bi/streetwalking. I hear you sniffling already.

-the download of nanny #3
-the recorded listing line for nanny #3

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You may wonder, why, in this time of economic whatnot, are Emma’s prices going up? Well, my little cashpoints, it’s because I’ve witnessed some bad behavior lately and you all need to suffer for it. Learn to read. Don’t try and get vanilla sex calls from me. Don’t be a pushy bitch slave.

I’ve heard this again and again from my girlfriends recently. Maybe it’s the heat. Maybe I don’t care why and I just need to kick a few dogs around (that would be you puppies!). Hmm, I think I need to make some puppy training recordings. I see some dogs who need a mistress.

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